Complaint Cell: + 4567 4567

Complaint Redressal

As part of improving customer services, Chennai Metro Water welcome your comments, suggestions, enquiries and inputs. If you have a complaint, Chennai Metro Water will investigate it, report back to you and do all that it can, to solve the problem and address the issue as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Chennai Metro Water takes your grievances as complementary to an effective service delivery.


If you have a service problem either in water supply or waste water disposal you can make a complaint in person or over phone to Round the Clock Complaint Cell operating from the Chennai Metro Water Head Office on the Telephone No. 45674567

You also have a choice of making the complaint at any of our 161 Depot Offices or Area Offices.

Your complaint will be duly recorded and a number assigned to your complaint immediately. If you choose to go in person, an acknowledgement will be handed over to you.

Besides this, Chennai Metro Water is also conducting open house meeting on all second Saturdays in its 10

Area Offices and Depot Offices from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM. You can also give your valuable suggestions to improve our service level during this meeting.

You can also reach us for any complaint and suggestion through on line complaints and reply also is sent through e-mail on attending the complaint.


The personnel receiving complaint over telephone at the Complaint Cell tries to assess the problem and offer appropriate solutions. However, sometimes, that is not possible in which case Chennai Metro Water shall rectify the complaint in accordance with the time frame specified in the citizen charter. If you are not satisfied with the solution provided you can contact the Chief Engineer (O&M) or Managing Director in the following phone Nos.:

CHIEF ENGINEER (O&M): 2845 3002

You also have the choice of approaching an external body if at any stage you feel dissatisfied with our complaint redressal process. The consumer organisations will be informed of the processes and the time frames laid in the citizen charter.


C.M.W.S.S. Board is constantly working towards the goal of providing adequate quantities of good quality water to 53.75 lakhs public in and around Chennai City and effective disposal of sewage generated in an operational area of 434 To serve the expanding areas of service with limited resources, the Board make use of its men and machinery to effectively serve the Citizens and govern the administration efficiently by redressing their Grievance.

Various Grievance Redressal Mechanisms including transparency in providing services to the citizens are discussed below:


Complaints are received at Head Office 24 Hours Complaints Cell and communicated over Cell phone to the A.E./J.E. of the respective Depot Offices.

Computer terminals (Thin clients) have been provided for registration of complaints. Telephone No. 45674567 has been provided to the Complaint Cell which facilitate the consumers to lodge their complaints without any difficulty even one line is found engaged.

Complaints are registered and immediately transferred to the Area Office/Depot Office concerned through Online complaint monitoring system and by text message through SMS to the concerned Deport Engineers/Deputy Area Engineers/Area Engineers and Senior Accounts Officers. Simultaneously complaints registration numbers are informed through SMS to the complainants.

Cell phone connection is provided with to inform the complaint to the Depot Engineer/S.A.O. Areas/Area Engineers/other Officers concerned immediately.


In addition to 24 hours Complaint Cell, a Grievance Cell functions at Head Office.

All the petitions of complaints/ grievances on Operation and Maintenance (Water Supply & Sewerage), Tax & charges, Vigilance complaints, request of the Employees etc. are registered at Grievance Cell.

The petitions received from the C.M.’s Special Cell, O/o.the Minister for Rural Development and Local Administration, O/o. the Mayor, MA&WS Dept. (Secretariat), O/o.M.D., Senior Officers of the Board, Tapal Section of the Board is also registered at Grievance Cell.

The petitions received at Grievance Cell are immediately forwarded to the offier/department concerned for redressal and to give reply to the complainant with a copy to Grievance Cell after redressal.

Redressal of petitions are closely monitored by Grievance Cell and periodically reviewed by senior officers of the Board.


For speedy redressal of complaints/grievance petitions, a latest computer system (Oracle 11i ERP Complaint Monitoring System) has been introduced in Metro Water.

Computer terminals for all Depot offices (Division Offices), all Deputy Area Engineers, all Area Engineers, Grievance Cell and senior officers of the Board have been provided.

The new complaint monitoring system facilitate the consumer to lodge their complaint at any one of the Depot Offices, Area Offices or Head Office.

The complaint lodged will be communicated to the Depot Engineer/Senior Accounts Officer of the Area concerned immediately through Computer within a maximum time of 3 minutes in order to redress the complaint/petition immediately.

The New complaint monitoring system is linked with the maximum time limit for redressal given in the Citizen Charter.

The new computer system of complaint monitoring facilitates escalation of complaint to the higher officers if not redressed within the time limit.

All the senior officers can view the pending complaints for any locations and any period. This facilitate monitoring of speedy redressal of complaints/grievance petitions.


Consumers can lodge their complaints on Operation and Maintenance, Tax and Charges and other grievances through the website of Chennai Metro Water (

The complainant gets OLC No. (Online Complaint No.) as soon as a complaint is registered in the website of the Board.

Complaints registered in our website are immediately transferred to the Officers concerned through e-mail and their redressal are monitored.

Online complaints are attended immediately by the Officers concerned and replies of compliance are sent to the complainant through e-mail with a copy to Grievance Cell.


Public Grievances Redressal/Open House Meetings are conducted to on all 2nd Saturdays in all Fifteen Area Offices between 10.00 A.M. and 1.00 P.M.

Public, all Voluntary Organisations, Consumer Action Groups, Residents Associations & Representatives of all other concerned Interested Groups working in the Area are invited Through Press Release.

Senior Officers of the Board are posted as presiding Officers for the Open House Meetings.

Open House Meeting enable the participant public/customers to meet the officers to represent their grievances.

Open House Meeting enable the participant public/customers for sharing and contributing in the decision making by offering opinion/advice and suggestions for system improvement wherever necessary.

Minutes for the Open House Meetings are prepared and redressal of petitions/complaints received in the Open House Meeting are monitored.


Information and Facilitation Counters function at Head Office and all Fifteen Area Offices.

These counters assist and guide the consumers to lodge their complaints/grievance petitions on water supply and sewerage, tax and charges, New water and sewer connections and other services rendered by Metro Water.

The services such as New Assessment, Name Changes and Address Changes are effected across the Counter in Information & Facilitation Cell at Area Offices.

The other services such as Annual Value Changes, Change of Classification, Cancellation of Wrong Demand, Excess Demand, Double Demand, etc., Reconciliation of Payments already made, Sub-division, etc. are made through B&C Section of Areas.

Application forms for New Water and Sewer Connections, services on Tax and Charges, Registration of Contractors, etc. are issued at free of cost.

Pamphlets such as :Complaints registration, Redressal & monitoring System, Rain Water Harvesting, Citizen’s Charter, etc. are available at Information and Facilitation Counters for free issue.