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Employees Welfare

Staff Details and Welfare

There are 87 Categories of staff available in Staff Establishment and 19 Categories of Staff are available in Labour Establishment. The Staff strength of the Board is as below.

Staff 908
Labour 2,699
Total 3,607

a) Transfer and Postings

All transfer and postings in various categories of staff are made by the Managing Director or the authority empowered in that behalf as per the provisions contained in the Hand Book of Delegation of Powers of CMWSS Board.

b) Preparation of Panel

The crucial date for preparation of panel is first April of every year. The panels for various posts are prepared in the Board based on the guidelines and instructions issued by the Government in the matter then and there.

c) Promotions

All promotions in the Board are made strictly on seniority basis by drawing panel of eligible Officers and as per the provisions contained in the CMWSS Board Special Regulations, 1982.

Employees Welfare

Metro Water believes and consider employees as its most important assets and accords high priority to their welfare. Board also realises the hazardous environment in which many of its employees particularly labour establishment employees work.

1) Status of Employees

All the employees both under Staff and Labour Establishment category are permanent employees and there are no temporary/daily wages employees.

2) Terminal Benefits

The services of labour employees under non-pension able service were brought under pension able service and allowed to draw terminal benefits such as Monthly Pension, Family Pension, Commutation of Pension, Gratuity, Family Benefit Fund etc. The settlements are made on the last working day of their service.

3) Welfare Measures

a) Two sets of Terry cotton Uniform cloth to all the Labour Establishment category employees and certain Staff category employees and Three sets of Uniform cloth to the Drivers are issued once in a year along with Stitching Charges.

b) The cost of 700 grams of Gingelly Oil at of Rs.56.00 per month is paid to the Sanitary worker (Maintenance)/ Sanitary works special. . In respect of Field Workers the cost of 500 grams of Gingelly Oil at of Rs.40.00 is paid every month.

c) The cost of Two Numbers of soap at of 15.00 per soap is paid to the Sanitary worker (Maintenance)/ Sanitary works special. and cost of one cake of soap is Field Workers every month.

d) Hygienic Allowance of Rs.150/- per month is being paid to Sanitary worker (Maintenance)/ Sanitary works special. In respect of Field Workers working in Sewerage Sector Rs.75/- per month is paid.

e) An incentive of Rs.400/- per month is being paid to Sanitary worker (Maintenance)/ Sanitary works special. for diving in to sewer for clearing sewer obstructions.

f) A sum of Rs.100/- is being paid to Labour Establishment Employees once in a year towards the cost of Chappels and Rs.400/- is being paid to both LMV & HMV Drivers towards the cost of Shoes. Similarly Rs.400/- is being paid to employees working in electrical installations once in Two years towards the cost of Shock Proof Shoes.

g) Rain Coats are issued once in Three years in respect of LMV/HMV Drivers. In respect of outdoor locations Rain coats are provided for the use of employees at the locations.

4) Long Term Advances

The following long term advances are sanctioned to the employees.

  • House Building Advance
  • Conveyance Advance
  • Computer Advance
  • Marriage Advance

5) Short Term Advances

The following short term advances are sanctioned to the employees.

  • Education Advance
  • Festival Advance

6) Medical Concession

a) Health Camps are conducted in locations apart from the Dispensary functioning at Head Office and medicines supplied.

b) Reimbursement of Medical Bills to the tune of 60% of Basic Pay as on 01/09/1998 to all the employees.

c) The employees are allowed to avail treatment in Government Hospitals on par with Non Gazetted Government Servants.

d) Reimbursement of expenses incurred in Private Hospital in emergence cases at Government Hospital rates.

e) The Board constituted a fund called CMWSS Board Employees Special Medical Welfare Fund for meeting the expenditure towards Special Medical Treatment for certain diseases and for major surgeries like Open Heart Surgery, Kidney Transplantation, Skull Operation, Cancer and Major Injuries etc. The financial assistance will be given to the tune of Rs.1,00,000/- under the above scheme for Employees and their Spouse and Children.

7) Health Camps

A Special health screening camp was organized at chennai corporation diagnostic centre for the employees and their families and Blood, Motoion, Urine test and X-ray were taken. Medical camps were organized at all 15 Area office and 2 Region Offices with assistance of Medical Officers from the Government General Hospital and Medical Officer of the Board.

Ophthalmic Test were also conducted in the camp and allowed the employees to undergo Cataract Surgery.

8) Brochure on Safety and Preventive Measures

A brochure both in Tamil and English on Safety & Preventive Measures and Digest of various Labour Laws which gives guidelines at a glance on Safety Measures for adoption while executing the work was issued to the locations and circulated to the Supervisory Officers for reference and adoption. The copies also circulated to the contractors for adoption.

Last Update 10.06.2011