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Metrowater Operational Area


Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) or (Metrowater) was established in 1978 is maintaining the Water Supply and Sewerage system within Chennai Municipal Corporation. CMWSSB is also supplying drinking water as bulk supply to the adjacent Local Bodies.


Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA)    1189.00

Chennai city Area (Corporation limits)     426.00

Population served (in lakhs)     74.38

The CMWSSB is currently operating the services through 15 Area Offices and 200 Depot Offices.


Chennai City Network Map (Click here)

2.1. The Chennai City Water Supply sources are Surface sources and Ground water sources. The Surface sources are Poondi - Cholavaram, Redhills and Chembarambakkam lakes. Water is drawn from Red Hills lake to Water Treatment Plants at Puzhal near the Lake, at Surapet and Kilpauk, then treated and distributed to Chennai City. The Chembarambakkam Water Treatment Plant was commissioned on 19.07.2007 tp treat water from Chembarambakkam lake and to supply to City. From October 2004, Veeranam lake located at about 230km South of Chennai City is another source added to Chennai City Water Supply. The water is treated at Vadakuthu Water Treatment Plant. conveyed to Porur Water Distribution Station and then distributed to Chennai City. The Surapet Water Treatment Plant was taken over from TWAD on 01.08.2009. In addition to this, CMWSSB is drawing about 100 MLD of water from the Desalination Plant at Minjur from 31.07.2010 and 100 MLD from Desalination Plant at Nemmeli from 22.02.2013.

2.2. The Ground water sources are the Well Field located at Poondi, Tamaraipakkam, Flood Plains, Kannigaipair, Panjetty, Minjur, Southern Coastal Aquifer, Kadilam and Paravanar river beds.

Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board is supplying the Treated water to Chennai City and to part of adjacent urbanised areas like Avadi. Anakaputhur, Cantonment, Cowl Bazaar, Munavoor, Pallavaram, Pozhichalur as bulk supply. Internal distribution is done by the respective Local Bodies Further, water to Industries located at Manali is also supplied.

2.3. Three rivers viz. Kosathalaiyar, Cooum and Adyar pass through Chennai Metropolitan Area and these rivers are placid and meander on their way to the sea (Bay of Bengal). Buckingham Canal, a man made canal is another large waterway which runs North-South through this Metropolis.

2.4. Chennai is a major Transportation hub for road, rail, air and sea transport connecting major cities-inland and abroad.

2.5. Chennai is one of the major educational centres in India with a number of colleges and research institutions.