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Planning and Design Wing

The Planning and Design Wing functions under Engineering Department of Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board and is headed by Superintending Engineer (P&D). This office is engaged in investigation, project formulation, detailed engineering and estimation for providing water supply and sewerage facilities to Greater Chennai City

Apart from these, this office is also involved in formulating water supply and sewerage projects, as deposit work, for the schemes developed by other Governmental organizations such as TNHB , TNSCB, etc. when requested by them.

Also, as deposit work, project formulation are prepared by this office on receiving requests from private promoters / developers like JK Tyres, SIPCOT (for Industrial Part at ThervoyKandigai) etc. by charging consultancy fees for Under Ground Sewerage Schemes and Water Supply Schemes.

The Chennai City has been expanded to 200 Corporation Divisions (earlier 155) with spread out area of 426 Sq. km (earlier 174 by including 9 Municipalities. 8 Town Panchayats and 25 Village Panchayats in and around Chennai City.

Detailed project Reports (DPRs) are being prepared for Water Supply Schemes (WSS) and Under Ground sewerage Schemes (UGSS) for these added areas (42 local bodies) of Chennai City in phased manner.

Status of WSS and UGSS are as follows.

Water Supply Schemes:

Works Completed 19 local bodies
Works under Progress 21 local bodies
Work to be taken up 2 local bodies
Total 42 local bodies

Under Ground Sewerage Schemes:

Works Completed 15 local bodies
Works Under Progress 10 local bodies
DPRs under Prepared 14 local bodies
Work to be taken up 3 local bodies
Total 42 local bodies