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How to get new Water and Sewer connection?

Application forms are available free of cost in Depot/Area/Head Office / on website Filled in forms should be submitted at the Registration counter at Head Office on all working days between 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

The documents to be enclosed are :

  1. True copy of plans sanctioned by CMDA / Corporation of Chennai / Local Authority & copies of letters seeking assessment of property tax and water and sewerage tax.( OR )
    Proof of assessment of property tax with floor wise assessment details.

  2. Drawings showing internal plumbing works and connection to public water/sewer main with length, nature of Road portion such as mud / platform / Tar Bitumen / WBM etc., signed by owner/occupier and duly certified by a qualified Technician / Engineer / Licensed Plumber.

  3. Registration No. of sewer application with the copy of the paid challan, if already availed.

  4. Proof of having paid taxes/charges up to date (Photocopy to be enclosed).

Whom to apply ?

You may apply to the Executive Engineer (Headquarters),

No.1, Pumping Station Road,
Chennai - 600 001.
Phone No. 28451300 / 335, 28451300 / 369 and 28451300 (Direct)

Where to pay ?

Payment should be made at the Canara Bank, METROWATER Extn. Counter situated in the Ground Floor of Head Office only. After remitting the amount, the applicant should submit the application with the paid challan at the Registration Counter, Head Office and obtain acknowledgement immediately.

It is your right to get acknowledgement

When will the Sanction Order be issued ?

Sanction Order will be issued within 7 days from the date of registration of application.

If connection is not provided as per the Sanction Order, please contact Executive Engineer (Headquarters), on following Phone Nos. 78450 61771, 28451300/335

When will the connection be given ?

Connection will be given within 30 days from the date of registration.

How Sanction Orders are intimated ?

Intimation letters for Sanction of New Water/Sewer Connection are sent to the applicants by the Managing Director of the Board.

A copy of the intimation letter is sent to the Area Engineer concerned to provide connection within the stipulated time.



How does Metro Water assess your water and sewerage tax ?

7% of the Annual rental value as fixed by the Chennai Municipal Corporation is the water and sewerage tax per Annum.

Whether water and sewerage tax to be paid without having water and sewerage connections?

"YES" Water and Sewerage tax being part and parcel of property tax, has to be paid.

How to change the classification of your connection ?

Apply to Area Engineer of the respective Area in writing for change of category.

How to adjust the tax paid in advance at the time of availing service connection?

Apply to the Area Engineer of the respective Area in plain paper with advance tax paid challan and copy of Assessment Order (Notice Under Rule 3A) issued by the Chennai Municipal Corporation.

Illustration :

If you wish to obtain Water & Sewer connection prior to the assessment of property tax by Chennai Municipal Corporation authorities, an advance tax of Rs. 3,000/- should be paid.

After assessment by Corporation the consumer has to apply to Area Engineer with advance tax paid challan and Assessment Order (Notice under Rule 3A ) issued by the Corporation. On receipt of the application, Area Engineer will adjust the advance tax paid for Water Tax/Charges and issue necessary adjustment slip.

How to know your dues ?

You can know your dues towards tax and charges from Consumer card which is a demand.
No separate Demand for monthly / half-yearly will be issued.

When will water & sewerage tax and water supply charges card be issued ?

The Consumer card will be issued once in Five years. In the case of New Assessment, the Consumer card will be issued after updating the CMC No., Annual value / Tax. If the annual value is reduced / increased by CMC, the Annual value and Tax would be noted on the Consumer card after updating in Board records.

Entries will be made in the card for water supply charges as soon as water connection is provided.

This card is valid for 5 years.

How to make payment of taxes and charges ?

i) By Cash or Cheque or DD in favour of CMWSS Board in Area Office or Head Office or specified Depot Offices throughout the year, and
ii) Specified Canara Bank branches during August and February every year.

When to make payment of tax and charges ?

On or before the end of 31st August for the 1st half-year and on or before 28th February for the 2nd half-year for the payment of Tax and Charges.

Metered category :

a) Domestic : Monthly - Payable within 15 days from the date of the bill.
b) Other than Domestic - Monthly - Payable within 7 days from the date of bill.

Whom to contact for non-receipt of Bill ?

Senior Accounts Officer of the respective Area.

Will Metro Water accept part payment of your dues ?

Yes, But only in circumstances as described below. The part payment of water and sewerage tax is accepted on revised assessment, when the property owner prefers appeal to the appropriate authority of Corporation of Chennai on the revision of property tax and the same is pending finalisation in Corporation.

What is metering ?

Fixing of water meter to the pipeline of the premises to ascertain the quantum of water supplied so as to calculate the charges is metering.

What to do in case of repairs to meters/defective meters ?

Apply to the concerned Area Engineer in writing informing about the repair of the meter together with challan for payment towards meter testing charges as prescribed in the Regulation according to the size of meter.

If the meter is found defective, on the orders of the Area Engineer the new meter will be fixed by Depot Engineer on purchase and supply by the consumer. Meter is the property of the consumer.

How does the Board assess your dues if your meter is faulty ?

The demand will be raised based on your average consumption of previous twelve months or six months or corresponding month of the previous year whichever is higher.

How to change the assessment in your name and what to do in case of sub-division of property ?

Apply to the Senior Accounts Officer of the respective Area in writing with copy of the name change order issued by the Chennai Corporation and Assessment Order (Notice under Rule 3A).



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